Cool, you looked!

To reward your curiosity, I've provided two ways for you to learn about me; a short and a long story. One for brevity, another for depth :)

Short story:

I'm a Brasilian born, internationally raised graphic designer based in San Jose, CA.

I hold a sincere passion for graphic design and the value a refined visual language can bring to an individual, team and community. By establishing a sensd of heritage and brand persona, I help brands build and visualize an identity that's honest, dynamic and rich in texture. From mission statements to goofy stickers, I believe brands cannot afford to overlook the important role design plays in solidifying your place in the marketplace and in peoples hearts.

In my work, you may not catch me boasting too much about visionary grid systems or avant-garde typographical choices I made. Rather, you'll find I focus on the deeper layers of gives a brand a soul and how I leverage standard design practices and my personal taste to bring it to life.