Hi, my name is Rodney Montenegro! I'm a graphic designer based in San Jose, California with a design ethos rooted in helping people and brands establish a visual language through an honest heritage and brand persona.

To get a quick summary about my life; I'm a Brazilian born, but internationally raised in over 6 countries spanning 3 continents.

While I did not always grow up with a natural inclination to become a designer, I did grow up with an interest for how different cultures used design as an extension of the local language.

I'm not passionate about design because it can make a brand beautiful. I'm in this because I'm passionate about the potential design carries to bring a bran alive beyond a logo. My role as a designer in the world is to help people, brands and communities establish a visual language that becomes synonymous with the language of their local countries/cultures.

Through my work you’ll notice the message and execution is not always the same. I adapt to my clients needs and through the use of classic design principles (and plenty of flourish), help them create an honest message about their brands place in the world.

There’s room for everyone at the table, and every brand has it’s audience just waiting to be spoken to. Let’s work together and help make that happen.